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Language Coaching is a specialised tool for those who want to identify their strengths and problem areas in language learning.


The coaching can be conducted in English or the language you are learning (German, Spanish, Polish)


The sessions aim to identify what steps you should undertake to become confident and independent in your language skills. What is your individualised learning plan and how to successfully achieve it. The sessions are based on our experience of language teaching and our training in psychology.


Contact us for more information and book your first session.

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  • Languages classes (German, English, Spanish, Polish)
  • Translations (German, English, Polish)
  • Proofreading

About us

We created ANUBA to give support to those who want to learn languages.


We believe in fostering understanding through language development and building a community that learns and grows together.


We are Masters of Psychology with eight years of experience in teaching languages. We started our journey from teaching youths and preparing them for Cambridge examinations. We quickly learned to prioritise students’ engagement as opposed to a traditional ‘learning by heart’ approach, which means elevating the purpose and use of a language above all.

Following the principles of language pedagogy, natural language acquisition, and psychological principles of learning our mission is to create a learning environment that fosters your success in developing your language skills. Drawing from our professional practice as psychologists and language teachers we create an environment of positive learning and build on each person’s natural predisposition to acquire language as a communication tool. This entails focusing on successes and identifying your challenges in order to overcome them.

We invite you to join our Language Community to support us in bringing people together by strengthening the greatest communication tool we all share – language.

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