Story 1 part 3

Tim is at home looking in the mirror. He is very excited and is thinking about what to wear to the lake.


T: Mom! What do you think about my outfit?

M: Wait, I’m cooking in the kitchen right now! What are you wearing?

T: I’m wearing my blue surf shorts, a yellow T-shirt, and flip flops.

M: What about your hat? It’s very sunny today. 

T: I don’t like my hat. It’s old and ugly.


Mom comes out of the kitchen to see Tim’s outfit.


M: You look super cute!

T: Jesus, now I have to change my whole outfit!

M: What? Why do you have to change your clothes?

T: Because I don’t want to look cute. I want to look cool in front of Sarah.

M: Well, in that case. You look very cool!

T: Aah, forget it.


Tim is upset and goes to his room to change his clothes.