Questions story 1 part 4

Tim is finally ready to go to the lake. He rides his bike through the big park next to the lake. When he gets there, he notices that Sarah isn’t there.

Tim rides his bike around the lake. He sees many people. He sees elderly people, families with children, and even some animals, like birds, fish, and wild pigs, but he does not see Sarah or the other kids. 

Tim sits down on a pier and puts his feet in the water. He looks down and is quite sad. 

Suddenly, he can feel a hand touching his shoulder. He looks at the hand. The fingernails are painted red. He looks up and sees Sarah’s face.


S: Hey, Tim! Why the sad face?

T: Oh, nothing. I was just… I… good to see you.

S: It’s good to see you, too. Come on! Take your bike and come with us. We have a great place over there where we can set up our barbecue.

T: Sure, sounds great.


Tim, Sarah, and the others get back on their bikes and start riding towards the place where they can grill nice food and drink lemonade.