Language Coaching – where psychological help and language learning meet

It happens only too often that we find ourselves caught under a glass ceiling when learning a new language. We learn and learn and learn anticipating that we’ll be able to speak to native speakers fluently and with intent, that we’ll be able to express what we feel, and that we’ll have thought-provoking conversations with them just like in our native language. Have you been trying to reach a higher level in a foreign language? Does that sound familiar to you? It certainly does to me.


I often find myself imagining situations about how cool it would be to share my thoughts with different people in a different language, and perhaps even create some new ideas on the way. When faced with reality, though, I usually end up overwhelmed by the volume and variety of words used in a conversation – add an accent or dialect that I am unfamiliar with and I’m totally lost.


We at ANUBA Language Community have noticed this issue not only in ourselves, but also in many of you language learners and enthusiasts out there that interact with us on our Youtube channel. The specific difficulties that people experience can range from lexical problems (not knowing words) to simply feeling unconfident and out of place in a conversation. It’s a very broad range of problems that sometimes interact with one another and sometimes seem to be completely separate issues. To tackle the latter end of this range of problems we have found it necessary to look at it from a different perspective.


Language coaching is all about finding out what exactly is holding YOU back.

ANUBA Language Community