English 1.0 (Beginners)

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English 1.0 is a self-paced online course for beginners. It will introduce you to the English language, teach you basic vocabulary and grammar. 


English 1.0 is a course for beginners, comprising 10 study units, a midterm quiz, and a final exam. It is a self-paced online course that is based on the concept of natural language acquisition. It aims to introduce the learner to the English language. We strongly encourage you to listen, read, and repeat a dialogue before moving on to the corresponding exercises. During this course the participant will be familiarized with several vocabulary groups, a basic understanding of English grammar, and practical dialogues you can find in everyday interactions.


Each unit consists of a dialogue, that aims to introduce the learner to the unit’s grammatical structure and exercises to reinforce the learnt dialogue. The second part of the unit teaches the learner a new vocabulary group. The vocabulary is introduced in clip with auditory and visual pairing of the vocabulary, seconded by exercises that reinforce the new vocabulary in two forms; pairing picture to word by itself and within a sentence. Each example that asks the learner to practice a new sentence has an audio recording to reinforce correct pronunciation.